We love you. And we respect your commitment to us and our families. You are the new age men. Vocal about feminism, homosexuality, pay parity. You talk to, and about us, with a sense of respect that was rare in the men that preceded you. And we value every bit of you, the evolved urban man.

But is it very hard to understand that we need our partners to be our companions too. We are all for taking it all in our strides and owning our lives and going solo. We can. And we will. But may be we don’t want to? Sometimes, just sometimes, we might want you to come home and suggest a movie yourself. Or just a random stroll in the garden. May be, every once in a while, you could fix our morning tea or book us a table at a fine dining. Is it too much to ask.

Cliched. But true. We do give up on our whole lives to start a new one with you. Adjust to the point of self-effacement to appease your loved ones. Talk you up amongst your colleagues. And no part of this is transactional for us. We do it purely out of love. So, when one day after ages, when we are at the far end of our wit, why can you not hold our hand or arrange for some change. Is it really too much to ask?

After all, we went to the same colleges as you did. Have the same jobs that you do. We have a social life that’s at least as colorful, if not more, as yours. We could be on our own. But we chose to be with you. For reason. Your companionship.

For all this talk about feminism and self-reliance, where is the romance, I wonder!

Writer, Language lover, Marketing professional

Writer, Language lover, Marketing professional