Akanksha Sharma

Mar 20, 2019

1 min read

Open Love Letter to Anupama Chopra

Hello Mam,

I am a big fan of your work. Watching Film Companion videos is my favorite thing to do on the Internet. It floods my ‘Recommended’ section on youtube and I can feel a rush of excitement every time I see a new upload.

Your love for conversation is clear to see. You ask such keen questions that one wonders how you maintain the curiosity in spite of being an industry “insider”. That too, in a space like Bollywood. I am sure it is not as innocent as your videos make it seem like :)

Guess that’s what happens when one does what one loves. I think it is your respect for people you talk to, and your love for dialogue that translates into what viewers like me see in the final cut.

Long story short, your work is so true to its name. Your company is the only kind of companion I need with my films, and I am blessed to get to see your work. I would be thrilled to do any kind of work with you just to be able to learn from you and hone my own passion for language and conversations.

Thank You!

Fan Girl,

Akanksha Sharma

Writer, Language lover, Marketing professional

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